Monday, August 27, 2007

Guest Blogger: Cinderella

Those of you who enjoyed our visit from Goldilocks, a couple weeks back, will be happy to know that we have another guest blogger in the "studio" with us today: Cindy, one of the supporting characters from INTO THE WILD and the title character from the fairy tale "Cinderella." Thanks so much for joining us, Cindy. It's a pleasure to have you here on Sarah's Journal.

CINDY: Thanks, Sarah. Um, you did clear this with Zel, right? It's okay that we do this?

SARAH: Absolutely. Rapunzel will be appearing here herself at a later date.

CINDY: Okay, I guess that's okay. Do I look all right?

SARAH: It's a blog. No one can see you.

CINDY: The taffeta isn't too much?

SARAH: How could taffeta ever be too much?

CINDY: True! You so should have seen some of the looks I got on my way here. I swear, like, every guy who saw me had to take a second look.

SARAH: I'm sure they did.

CINDY: You're so funny! Goldie said you didn't have a sense of humor. She said... Oh, I'm not supposed to tell you that.

SARAH: Tell me what?

CINDY: It's a secret.

SARAH: My lips are sealed.

CINDY: Well, so long as you aren't going to tell... She lied to you. She told you a fake story. I know you believed her, but she didn't really watch "American Idol" with the three bears. I know she wouldn't want me telling you this, but they actually ran her off. When they found her in Baby Bear's bed, they chased her into the forest.

SARAH: I'd heard something like that.

CINDY: Frankly, I think it's appalling. They didn't call 9-1-1. They didn't tell anyone. They chased her away. She was a little girl, alone in the woods. She could have died, and they didn't care. At least my stepmother and stepsisters didn't turn me out of the house. I had a home.

SARAH: Not a very nice home.

CINDY: Well, yeah. But that was a long time ago. Things are different now. Last year, I even hired someone to clean my house.

SARAH: That must have been a nice change of pace for you.

CINDY: True. But I had to fire her. She was scared of my birds.

SARAH: You have scary birds?

CINDY: Well, not exactly, but you see, she tried to put on a pair of my shoes... which is, ick, by the way. What if she had athlete's foot? Or even just odor? What was she doing putting on my shoes? Anyway, the birds went a little nuts about it. She threatened to call animal control. It wasn't pretty. Can we talk about something else?

SARAH: Can you tell our readers about your fairy tale in your own words?

CINDY: Oh, there's not much to say. It's just your average Cinderella-story.

SARAH: Okay then... I guess that does sum it up. Well, thanks for joining us. I hope you'll come back again.

CINDY: Of course, darling. Tootles!



At 6:00 PM, Blogger Erin said...

*grin* So fun!

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Sookie said...

Oh Cinderella is my favorite!
I suppose "the birds" come from the Grimm version of Cinderella?

At 1:27 AM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

Thanks, Erin and Sookie!

Yes, at the end of the Grimm's version, the birds peck out the stepsisters' eyes. Scary birds.


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