Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brotherhood Pig.0 - Bricks

Today marks the third and final day of my favor to the Three Little Pigs (or as they've started calling themselves, the TLP Posse). As loyal readers know, I've agreed to let this porcine trio take over my blog for the past few days so they can present their homage to John Green and Hank Green's Brotherhood 2.0. We've already heard from Straw and Sticks. Today, it's their brother Bricks's turn.

Three Brothers, One Blog
3 Days of Text-Full Communication
It's a whole new kind of brotherhood.
Brotherhood Pig.0

Good morning, Sticks. Good morning, Straw. It's Wednesday, May 2. Sticks, I saw your post about your fungus "perfume." Really, sometimes I do understand why we pigs have reputations as filthy animals. Sticks old boy, might I suggest a nice cleansing swim in my pool? Or a soak in my jacuzzi?

The jacuzzi had been out of commision for a while. But I thought of a brilliant solution while waiting for my new hot water heater to arrive. Use the fireplace! I have this lovely marble fireplace that has been merely decorative for years. So I thought to myself, Bricks you scallywag, why not light a nice blazing fire in your fireplace and heat up water in a large pot?

It's a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. It serves multiple purposes: it will heat my jacuzzi, it will create a nice fireside ambiance for the visiting sows, and it will ward off that awful chill from the wind that keeps huffing and puffing outside.

Why don't you two come visit tomorrow? I've invited some of the lady pork-fighters over, and while I'm one charming pig, sometimes there's just not enough of me to go around.

Hmmm... The wind's finally died down. And there's a lovely lupine aroma coming from the fireplace. Perhaps one of the sows is making me a stew. Must investigate.

Straw, Sticks, it's been a pleasure talking to you. Hope to see you tomorrow. Mmmm... This stew is made of awesome, if a bit gamey.

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