Tuesday, August 21, 2007

English Major Heaven

Let's get it right out in the open: ever since this book thing happened, I have been googling my name. A lot. My husband googles my name a lot. I think my cat has even done it once or twice, but she really prefers Technorati. Anyway, I found the Coolest Thing Ever while googling myself the other day: a critical analysis of Into the Wild.


Someone spent the time to think about and analyze the themes in Into the Wild.

How awesome is that?!?

I was an English major in college, which means that I was required to use the phrase "very Brechtian" in casual conversation at least twice a semester. I was also required to write a lot of critical essays -- you know, analyses of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, etc. So I have a healthy respect for anyone who writes critical essays because I know how much work they are. I certainly never expected anyone to write a critical essay about something I wrote.

And the extra cool thing about this is that the essay is really, really good. She totally gets the book! Snoopy Dance of Joy!

If you're interested in reading the essay (or more accurately, multiple essays), here are the links.

Part 1: Mothers and Daughters
Part 2: The Power of Myth

Wow. I'm totally blown away by this. Thank you, Mickle!

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At 8:13 AM, Blogger Faith said...

You know, Sarah, I'm an English major, and I don't think the phrase "very Brechtian" ever once rolled off my tongue. Of course, I didn't go to Princeton! ;p And I did write gobs of papers on Chaucer and Dante.

But how cool!!! I'm looking forward to reading it this evening.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Susan Adrian said...


LOL! Very cool indeed. Yep, I'm another English major.

FWIW, I _could_ write a critical essay of Into the Wild, but I don't have time. I do have to rave about it on my blog sometime soon, though. I read the whole thing in ONE DAY and loved it. {s}

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

Faith: I never read Dante. *hangs head in shame* It's embarrassing how many classics I haven't read, especially given the whole English major thing.

Susan: So glad you enjoyed Into the Wild!!! Thank you!


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