Saturday, May 19, 2007

Once Upon an Interview: Greg Fishbone

Welcome to the second installment of Once Upon an Interview! (This is a new recurring segment on Sarah's Journal in which I ask other writers about my favorite obsession: fairy tales.)

Today's author interview is with Greg Fishbone. Greg is the author of THE PENGUINS OF DOOM (FROM THE DESK OF SEPTINA NASH), coming from Blooming Tree Press on 7/7/07. (How much do I love that title?)


What is your favorite fairy tale?

There's a story called "The Magic Fishbone" that's kind of obscure but it has such a cool name! A version written by Charles Dicken
s has been passed down in our family for generations. I always thought it would make such a great Disney movie...

Do you (either consciously or subconsciously) use fairy-tale themes or motifs in your writing?
Not so much recently but I have in the past. I once wrote this rockin' sci-fi version of Sleeping Beauty with aliens and spaceships and everything.

If the protagonist of your most recent novel met Cinderella’s fairy godmother, what would he or she do/say?

Septina Nash has her own kind of magic, so meeting a fairy godmother wouldn't phase her. I could see her asking what courses she should take to become a fairy godmother herself someday.

What would your protagonist do/say if he or she met Little Red Riding Hood's wolf?

If Septina ever had to deliver a basket of goodies to her grandmother, a Big Bad Wolf would show up to stop her. Guaranteed. As to what happens next, your guess is
as good as mine.

What would you do/say if you met a fairy godmother or talking wolf?

"Of course I'll autograph your copies of THE PENGUINS OF DOOM. Just get in line behind the Jolly Green Giant, Elvis, the Trix Rabbit, and Chewbacca!"

If you could be any fairy-tale character, which one would you want to be?

It'd be cool to be Aladdin, with that flying carpet and genie-infested lamp.

What does your (or your protagonist's) happily-ever-after look like?

I think "happily-ever-after" is shorthand for "nothing interesting ever happened to these people again" and that's not for me. I need new challenges and adventures, and I think Septina would as well. In fact I know she would, since she's been bugging me to write a sequel.


Greg Fishbone is the founder and president of the Class of 2k7. He's also a lawyer, a Bostonian, and a great guy. For more about Greg, please visit his website at:

For more about THE PENGUINS OF DOOM, you can visit the Septina Nash website here: To whet your appetite, here's what it says on the Amazon book page: "Dear Reader, In order to make this book I had to escape from a mad scientist, adopt a trio of wild penguins, become an Olympic freestyle skateboarder, collect a whole bunch of empty yogurt containers, and find my missing tripletsister. In order to enjoy it, all you have to do is read every page. Thanks for doing your part! Sincerely, Septina Nash, Main Character."

Thanks so much for joining us here, Greg!

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At 10:09 PM, Blogger Greg R. Fishbone said...

Thanks for the interview, Sarah Beth. It was so much fun!

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

My pleasure. Thanks for doing it, Greg!

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