Monday, September 20, 2010

Enchanted Ivy Excerpt

Got a present for you. Close your eyes...

Cancel that. Forgot you can't read with your eyes closed. Okay, eyes open but imagine yourself unwrapping a box. Inside the box is... a new puppy!!!

Okay, no, just kidding. It's Chapter One of my new novel Enchanted Ivy!

"Almost there," Grandpa said.

Pressing her nose against the car window, Lily frowned at the strip malls, gas stations, and industrial parks as they rolled by. "Really?" she said. She'd expected to see something a bit more picturesque than Walmarts and Home Depots en route to her dream school -- at least a stately forest or a field with a few photogenic cows. And she should hear trumpets playing, plus a massive choir announcing in verse the approach of her destiny.

Maybe she'd built up this moment a bit too much.

Click here to read the rest of the first chapter.

Go ahead. I'll wait. *drums fingers* Are you back yet? No? *attempts to whistle and fails* How about now? Or now?

You're back! Yay! So, did you like it?!?!!?!?!?!?

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At 6:06 AM, Blogger Deva Fagan said...

Lovely! Very eager to read more!

I've driven that road into Princeton many times and you capture it beautifully.

At 6:41 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Oh Sarah! Its.. GREAT!!! Wounderful, Fabuless, dunno the words! Just..


I so want to finish this book in four days like i did ICE.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of it?

At 7:57 AM, Blogger christine M said...

Fabulous first chapter! I can't wait to read the whole book!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Essjay said...

Very atmospheric. I want to read more!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Shera (Book Whispers) said...

What a wonderful excerpt!

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous AnnaDee/ Hedgi said...

I'm back. :)
and Wowowowow! that was awesome!!! i loved it.
i don't know how i'll wait to read more.
i particularly enjoyed Lily's reaction to the mention of the test- it reminds me of my own reaction to the word( along with 'shot', ' baby-sit' and 'horse'...long, long story.) but yes, that was beyond awesome.

At 12:23 AM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

Deva: I always loved that drive in. You go from an over-developed highway into this magical tunnel of trees... It reminds me of the scene in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe where the characters push through the coats and then through trees...

Laura: So happy you liked it! First draft took about two months. I spent the rest of the time in revisions. (I love revising. That's where the story really comes alive for me.)

Christine: Yay! Thank you!

Essjay: That makes me really happy to hear. :)

Shera: Thanks so much!

AnnaDee / Hedgi: Welcome back! So glad you liked it! Hope I didn't traumatize you with the mention of tests. :)

At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!!! *bounces up and down, begins foaming at the mouth* I have forgotten what magic it is to read fiction by you!!! (I regretfully admit that I haven't reread ICE for a shamefully long time. :( )I must know more, everything about Lily!!!*reaches out hands in a grabbing gesture* Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!! Must! Read! More! AHH!!!
Excuse me while I take my daily Sanity pill. I seem to have forgotten today.
(Sorry to unnerve you with my blathering. :) I can't wait for ENCHANTED IVY to come out!)

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

Anonymous: Okay, you totally made my day. Thank you for your awesome and kind words!


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