Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics 2012

I love the Olympics.  It's full of stories about people reaching for impossible dreams.  I eat that stuff up for breakfast (along with my Olympic-themed Wheaties*).

A few thoughts, in the order in which I watched events:

Opening Ceremonies

Very nice.  I like how they transformed the idyllic agrarian Middle Earth into the Age of Orcs and then forged the One Ring.  Somewhat disappointed that the torch was not lit by Ents.

Also disappointed that Katniss didn't ride out during the Parade of Nations.

And I don't understand why the Opening Ceremonies has commentators.  It's like watching TV with an overly talkative friend that you didn't invite.  I kept expecting to hear Bob Costas munching on chips.


Never watched Olympics archery before.  Surprisingly satisfying, even though Merida didn't appear and no one split an arrow down the middle (which the movies have taught me happens in all archery tournaments). 

I do wish the event had taken place in Sherwood Forest.

Beach Volleyball

I love that it was someone's job to create a massive sandbox in London.  Hope they let kids play in it when they're done.  Also hope they don't have too many cats around.  Wonder if it's someone's job to clean out that oversized litterbox every morning.

Water Polo

Always disappoints me that water polo doesn't involve swimming horses.  Or (as my Twitter friends suggested) giant seahorses or hippocampi.  Or for an extra dose of danger: kelpies**. 

Skeet Shooting

After hitting 99 out of 100 skeets (best score for any Olympics), gold medal skeet shooter Kim Rhodes said, "Sometimes you just miss."

I kind of want that on a mug.

* Full disclosure: I've never tried Wheaties.
** I mean the murderous water horses of Celtic mythology, not the fluffy puppies.

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