Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reviews from SFRevu and TeensReadToo

With only two weeks until pub date, everything's really starting to move quickly. I recently got two more nice reviews for INTO THE WILD, and a new interview of yours truly is now online.

The first review is from SFRevu. Here's a quote

"Durst pulls you in on page one and takes you on a wild adventure that's in parts hilariously funny, seriously thoughtful, depressing, and still filled with love, hope, and family. She plays on our knowledge of the standard fairy tales and turns them upside down and inside out." -- Gayle Surrette, SFRevu

and here's a link to the full review on the SFRevu site.

The second review is from TeensReadToo. Again, here's a quote

"Who hasn't wished that they could live in a fairy tale? Marry the handsome Prince or Princess and live happily ever after? Sounds great to me. Except when "happily ever after" means repeating the same story, over and over, with no end, and no choices... INTO THE WILD is hilarious in parts, sad in parts, and surprisingly honest. A great book. I enjoyed it immensely!" -- Carrie Spellman, TeensReadToo

and here's a link to the full review on the TeensReadToo site.

The lovely people at TeensReadToo were also kind enough to interview me. Click here to read all the juicy details.

14 days until the Wild is unleashed...

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At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great reviews! I can't wait till your book comes out!

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

I can't wait either! [bounces up and down]


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