Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My First Review!

Got my very first review today for INTO THE WILD! Yay!

The fabulous Miss Erin posted it on her blog this afternoon. Check out her review!

Miss Erin is part of the kidlit blog-o-sphere, a collection of bloggers who review and discuss middle grade and young adult fiction. She was a member of the nominating committee for the Fantasy and Science Fiction category of the Cybils Awards. And she is now on my personal list of all-time Most Awesome People Ever (jumping ahead of Abraham Lincoln, Helen
Keller, and even the guy who invented Raisinets).

Here's a quote from her review:

"Into the Wild is a fantastic story with a spunky main character and a fast-paced plot. The author weaves all of the well-known fairy tales into her book with an ease and clarity that makes the reading of the book a delight. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fairy tales, or is just in need of a good story."

My brain keeps playing that 80s Life cereal commercial over and over: "She liked it! Miss Erin liked it!"

This totally makes my day.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THAT totally made MY day! author wrote a whole post about ME! *faints with delight*


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