Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Suddenly, September

Suddenly, it's almost September.

All the stores started showing back-to-school displays in July, and I rolled my eyes and ignored them... and then September stealthily sneaked up on me.

And now it's only 14 days until VESSEL comes out!!!


(That was me being extremely excited for you to meet Liyana, not me suddenly seeing a mouse.  Just to clarify.)

I'm also extremely excited about my fall schedule.  I have lots of fun book events coming up, including appearances at:

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) Trade Show on September 7-9

New York Public Library, Teen Author Reading Night on September 12

Baltimore Book Festival on September 28-30

New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA) Fall Conference on September 29

New York Comic Con on October 13

For all the details and for updates and additions, please visit the Appearances page of my website.

Hope you're enjoying these last few weeks of summer!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ivy - Steinerne Wächter

I am very happy to announce that the German edition of Enchanted Ivy -- Ivy - Steinerne Wächter -- is now available in Germany!

I adore the cover.  It looks so magical.  And Lily is so clearly poised to enter that magic.  Here's the book description in German:

DER SCHLÜSSEL ZU EINER MAGISCHEN WELT … Die sechzehnjährige Lily träumt davon, an der Princeton University zu studieren. Dazu muss sie einen geheimnisvollen Test bestehen und einen Schlüssel finden, der angeblich ein Tor zu einer anderen Welt öffnet. Eigentlich glaubt Lily überhaupt nicht an Magie – bis sie von einem unheimlichen Wesen angegriffen wird und sich plötzlich zwischen den Fronten eines Konfliktes zwischen Menschen und magischen Kreaturen wiederfindet. Bald steht nicht nur ihr Leben auf dem Spiel, auch ihre Familie gerät in größte Gefahr …

Huge thanks to my German publisher, Egmont/LYX, for making this book possible.  And to the wonderful translator, Katrin Harlaß.  And to all my German readers!  Lily, Tye, and Jake are very excited to met you!

In related news, a good friend of mine visited Germany a couple weeks ago and took this photo of Ice in Dresden:

So happy to see Cassie and Bear traveling the world!  I feel like a proud parent.  Must resist the urge to send them care packages...

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