Friday, June 12, 2009


Team David or Team Zane?

There's a new essay anthology out from Smart Pop Books about the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. It's called Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors on Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies Series, and I have an essay in it! My essay, called Two Princes, is a lighthearted look at whether David or Zane is a better boyfriend for Tally.

It was a fun essay to write since it meant I had to read and reread all the scenes in the series with the cute boys. :)

The anthology is edited by Scott himself, and it includes essays by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Sarah Beth Durst (hey, that's me!), Linda Gerber, J. Fitzgerald McCurdy, Diana Peterfreund, Janette Rallison, Delia Sherman, Will Shetterly, Gail Sidonie Sobat, Robin Wasserman, and Lili Wilkinson, as well as short stories by Charles Beaumont and Ted Chiang.

You can read more about it here, as well as on the Teen Libris website.

If you haven't read the Uglies books yet, I highly recommend them. In addition to presenting a thoughtful discussion of important social issues, they also have hoverboards! And chases! And chases with hoverboards! And Tally, jumping off cliffs and falling off hoverboards! And did I mention the cute boys?

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At 2:43 PM, Blogger Sookie said...

Oh I love these books! I must say that I am totally Team Zane--I mean, he took that other pill with her. That takes some guts.

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Q said...

I think David and Zane should both ditch Tally because I think she's a self-centered brat.

But that's just me. She wasn't at all bad in Uglies and not too obnoxious in Pretties, but I loathed Specials.

Extras, however, rocked. The series needed a new narrator.

...That was mean of me. They are good books with a stellar premise and writing, but Tally and I don't work well together.

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Sarah Beth Durst said...

Sookie: I love these books too. And I love that Zane took the other pill.

Q: I liked Tally. She kept jumping off high things. I admired her continual defiance of gravity.

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Q said...

Re: jumping off high things.

Very true. This wins her awesome points.

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Meagan said...

I LOVED Uglies. Very innovative teen books. Haven't gotten around to the latest in the series yet, but David always struck me as a bit too judgemental. I mean these kids are freaking brainwashed from birth... what does ge expect? Zane all the way.


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