Monday, July 30, 2007

Pandemonium Books Trip Report

Pandemonium Books is a bookstore that specializes in science fiction and fantasy books. It has pretty much every book in the genre that exists (plus a few that were brought in by time-travelers and interdimensional beings). Great place for seeing what's new, old, and in-between in the genre. Also, a great place for getting recommendations, since Tyler Stewart and his staff are all very nice and very knowledgeable.

When I lived near Boston, I used to stop there at least once a week. Even after I moved to Connecticut and then New York, I used to stop there every time I came back to visit -- my brother and I used to meet there before heading out to our usual Sarah-is-in-town-so-let's-eat dinner.

I also used to attend author signings there, and every time I went to one, I'd think, "When I'm published, I'll do a signing at Pandemonium."

And last Friday, I got to do exactly that! Here's photographic proof:

It went GREAT! Despite the ridiculous Massachusetts heat (to quote "Biloxi Blues": it was hot, Africa hot, Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot...), people came, and I had a fabulous time. I did a reading, and signed copies of Into the Wild, and loved every second of it.

And so concluded my fourth trip to Massachusetts this month! And now I'm home, and writing, which is where a Sarah is meant to be.

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