Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lunacon Trip Report (part 3 of 3)

Sunday at Lunacon was a very full day. Here's the play-by-play:

8am - Wake up. Jump into shower before the official wake-up call from the hotel. Listen to the phone ring endlessly until I hop out o
f the shower and pick up the dratted thing. Wonder if it would have rung all day if I hadn't answered.

8:30am - Prance around the hotel room practicing reading scenes from INTO THE WILD. Time myself on each scene. Discover that all my chapters take exactly 10 minutes to read out loud. Think that this is weird.

9:30am - Eat breakfast in the Green Room with Lucienne Diver and Roger MacBride Allen. Discuss the publishing business. Marvel at how coherent they are so early on a Sunday morning.

10am - Serve on the "Children's Fantasy" panel w
ith Tamora Pierce and Catherynne Valente. Fail to remember the names of any formative books in my childhood with the exception of Tamora Pierce's. Though to be honest, her ALANNA books were extremely formative. Manage to make the audience laugh a couple times. (I prefer to think of it as laughing with me, not at me.)

11am - Serve on the "Danger in Children's Fantasy" panel with Tamora Pierce, Patricia Bray, and Amy Goldschlager. Talk more. Afterwards, meet the writer guest of honor, Christopher Moore (who is very nice).

Dangerous Writers
(Patricia Bray, Amy Goldschlager, Me, and Tamora Pierce)

12pm - Race to the bathroom.

12:02pm - Race to the water fountain.

12:04pm - Race to attend Tamora Pierce's reading. Listen to a chapter of MELTING STONES. Try not to be nervous for my reading.

12:30pm - MY READING!!! Read three scenes from INTO THE WILD. Enjoy myself immensely.

1pm - Eat lunch with Tamora Pierce, Tim Liebe, Emily, and Penelope.

2:30pm - Catch a taxi to a train to another train to a ferry.

6pm - Wait for the ferry staff to figure out how to dock a boat.

6:15pm - Disembark! Home!



At 6:52 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Sounds like a very good and wounderful day Sarah! =D


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