Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tamora Pierce is AWESOME!!!

Tamora Pierce offered to blurb my book!

OK, that definitely needs a few more exclamation points. And all caps.


I feel like cartwheeling around the house. (Not a goo
d idea. I'd probably break myself. Or the house.) But the little Sarah in my head is doing cartwheel after cartwheel. This is so awesome!

For my friends out there who aren't quite sure what a "blurb" is, here's a definition I stole from a random dictionary website:

blurb n. A brief publicity notice, as on a book jacket. [Coined by Gelett Burgess (1866–1951), American humorist.] Example: "Tamora Pierce is AWESOME!!!"

And for my friends out there who aren't quite sure wh
o Tamora Pierce is:

Shame on you. Get thee to a bookstore. (Or click thee to Amazon.) She writes YA fantasy in which a girl in medieval garb kicks lots of butt and/or outsmarts everyone. Her books have scene after scene that make you want to shout: "Yes! That is THE coolest thing that could have happened."

I have read and loved her books for 20 years now. In fact, her Alanna books are
one of the reasons why I'm a writer. She creates worlds you can escape into, characters who become your friends, and stories you want to re-live again and again. She makes people happy with her words -- and that is what I have always dreamed of doing. In short, she is an inspiration for me. A few years back, I had the chance to tell her so in person at Boskone (a Boston SF/Fantasy convention). Since then, she has been a wonderful friend and source of encouragement.

Check out the sweet comments she left on my 9/4/06 and 9/2/06 posts to this blog!

And now Tamora Pierce has offered to blurb my b
ook, INTO THE WILD. Commence the Snoopy Dance of Joy!


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