Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fueling the Writing Process

Just realized that I haven't yet discussed the writing process in any of these blog entries. So... what is the key to writing a novel? How do you craft a story, breathe life into characters, and paint pictures with words? How do you find the inner strength and self-discipline to complete a full-length novel and then revise, revise, revise ad nauseum? What's the secret?


Yes, my friends, those delectable little morsels that look alarmingly like mouse droppings are more than just an overpriced movie snack...

I'm serious. OK, partially serious. When writing is going well, I get the munchies. So I have started keeping a secret stash of Raisinets within arm's reach of my desk. It keeps me at my desk (which is key). And it's practically a health food, right? Come on, there's a raisin in there. That's a fruit.

Anyway, quick progress update on INTO THE WILD: My manuscript is back from the copyeditor. She did a fantastic job -- caught some mistakes that have been there since draft #1, which I read right past about a hundred times. I've spent the past few days agonizing over every last punctuation choice and I'm finally done obsessing. It goes back to my editor tomorrow morning. On to the next step!

Also, guess what came in the mail today. My shiny new business cards! They're just as pretty as I hoped they'd be and I'm all excited about handing them out to everyone I meet at World Fantasy Convention.


At 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go get 'em! :-)


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