Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Gift Giving Guide 2023


Happy holidays! If you'd like to give someone a book by me this holiday season (and if so, thank you and I love you!!!), but you don't know which one to give to which reader, I thought I'd share a gift guide:


For the kid who loves animals… THE SHELTERLINGS, a fantasy adventure about a squirrel named Holly and her friends at the Shelter for Rejected Familiars. Lots of talking animals!

For the quiet kid... SPARK, a fantasy adventure about a quiet girl and her lightning dragon who learn you don't need to change yourself to change the world.

For the kid who wants a loyal best friend with tentacles... THE GIRL WHO COULD NOT DREAM, a fantasy book for kids about a girl whose family owns a secret shop where they buy, bottle, and sell dreams.


For the teen who wants a creepy survival story... THE LAKE HOUSE, a YA survival thriller about three girls stranded in the wilderness of Maine.

For the teen who likes snark... DRINK SLAY LOVE, a YA contemporary fantasy about a 16-year-old vampire girl who is stabbed through the heart by a were-unicorn and develops a very inconvenient conscience.

For the teen who loves fairy-tale romance... ICE, a Beauty-and-the-Beast retelling set in the present-day Arctic.


For the reader who watched the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings or who wants middle-aged heroes... THE BONE MAKER, a standalone epic fantasy about five heroes 25 years past their prime. It's about second chances. And lots of bone magic.

For the reader who thinks the Indy-500 would be better if the cars had a lot more teeth and tentacles... RACE THE SANDS, a standalone epic fantasy about monster racing (and smashing the patriarchy).

For the reader who likes kickass women and very tall trees... THE QUEEN OF BLOOD, Book One of the Queens of Renthia, an epic fantasy trilogy about bloodthirsty nature spirits.

For more info on these and any of my other books, please visit

If you'd like a signed bookplate (a clear sticker that I'd personalize and you can stick inside any of my books to transform them into signed books) for yourself or for a gift, please drop me an email (sarah AT sarahbethdurst DOT com), and I'd be happy to mail you one (US only).

Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!



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