Tuesday, March 31, 2020

RACE THE SANDS Book Necklace Countdown

So, the world is on fire but I have a new book coming out in three weeks, an epic fantasy for adults called RACE THE SANDS. It's my 20th published book. That's a huge deal to me, a dream come true 20 times over, and I've been excited to celebrate this milestone for many months.

The timing really sucks, and I thought about not celebrating at all, out of respect for the tragedy that is unfolding around us. But then I thought about why I write fantasy books in the first place -- to provide readers with an escape, with joy, with light in the darkness.

So I'm going to celebrate my joy every day for the next three weeks, not because I'm oblivious to the darkness, but as the best way I know to fight it.

We have a tradition: every book I write, my husband scours Etsy to find an inexpensive necklace to give me to mark the occasion. So I thought I'd count down to pub day by sharing my joy for each book and showing you all each #booknecklace, one per day. I'll start tomorrow...

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