Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wiscon 2008 Trip Report

Before I left for Wiscon (a fantasy and science fiction convention in Madison, Wisconsin), I said to my husband, "I've never been to Wisconsin. All I know is that they have a lot of cheese."

"And cows," he said. "They also have cows." Our knowledge of other states is quite deep and extensive, as you can tell. Jeopardy, here w
e come.

Now that I've been to Wisconsin, I can tell you

Wisconsin has a lot of cheese.

Every restaurant I went to served cheese platters, macaroni and cheese, and/or beer-battered cheese curds. Convention attendees carried bags of "squeaky cheese" (cheese so fresh that it squeaks on your teeth). Gift shops sold cheese-shaped inflatable hats.

I can't vouch for whether or not Wisconsin has cows too. I'm sure they were around, but they weren't hanging out in downtown M
adison. Instead, downtown Madison was filled with writers and readers, which was great because writers and readers are far better conversationalists than cows.

Wiscon was all about great conversations. I talked to lot
s of fabulous and fascinating people, such as Sarah Prineas, Tobias Buckell, Jennifer Pelland, Alex Bledsoe, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, Ysabeau Wilce, Cecil Castellucci, and many others.

Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

- Spending time with Tamora Pierce and Cara Coville, two of my favorite people. I just adore them, and I was lucky enough to see lots of them this weekend.

Tamora Pierce and Cara Coville

- Hanging out with the YA Posse (Tiffany Trent, Elizabeth Bunce, Heather Tomlinson, and Debbie Jacobs) at and between variou
s meals.

Elizabeth Bunce, Heather Tomlinson, Tamora Pierce, Tiffany Trent, Cara Coville, and Me

- Speaking on three panels and doing a reading. The pan
el topics were all great, and so were all my fellow panelists and readers.

Tiffany Trent, Cecil Castellucci, Me, Heather Tomlinson, and Elizabeth Bunce

- Signing books with Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. (This was a stroke of luck. I'd met the super-nice Caroline on Saturday, but I'd missed a chance to meet Pat Wrede on Sunday and I'd been sad about that. She'd blurbed Into the Wild, and I wanted to thank her. Plus I adore every one of her books. So I was very happy when I spotted them before the mass autographing and thrilled when they invited me to sit with them.)

Me, Caroline Stevermer, and Patricia C. Wrede

- Rooming with Tiffany Trent, who is super-awesome. (You want proof? She not only remembered that it was my birthday last Friday, but she bought me a chocolate cake and a custom-made bracelet decorated with pictures of fairy-tale scenes and Into the Wild cover art. How sweet is that?)

Really, the only thing missing from Wiscon was a reenactment of Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch. So for your viewing pleasure...

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At 1:00 PM, Blogger Rick said...

Sounds like a great weekend (at least the part you blogged about :) ) - sorry to miss your b-call.


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