Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I-Con 2008 Schedule

This weekend, I will be a program participant at I-Con, a science fiction and fantasy convention in Stony Brook, NY. I'm really excited because (A) I'm on cool panels with cool people, including a panel with Peter Beagle (!!!), author of The Last Unicorn and other gorgeous/brilliant books, and (B) it's just two miles from my house, so this should be the easiest journey to a convention EVER.

Here's my schedule for I-Con 2008:

FRIDAY (4/4)

10pm Reception - "Meet the Pros" Party


11am Panel - Helen Collins, Wendy Delmater, Debra Doyle, Sarah Beth Durst, Drew Henriksen - "Pursuing Perfection: The Art of Revision"

2pm Panel - Peter S. Beagle, Sarah Beth Durst, Carol Emshwiller, John Peel, Patrick Thomas - "Making Fantasy Real"

5pm Panel - Sarah Beth Durst, Drew Henriksen, John Peel, Patrick Thomas - "I'd Never Miss a Book By..."

SUNDAY (4/6)

11am Autographing - Sarah Beth Durst

Hope to see you there!

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Come to Utah. Come to Utah.


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