Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Northboro School Visits (Part 2 of 5): Peaslee

On day two of my Week of Awesomeness, I visited Peaslee School in Northboro. Here's a photo of me and the very awesome library teacher Nancy Kellner at the entrance to Peaslee:

Nancy and Me in Peaslee School

One of the highlights from this day was the book repor
t frogs. "What are book report frogs?" you ask. Well, I'll show you:

Book Report Frog #1

Book Report Frog #2

When the students came back from summer vacation, one of the teachers had each student in her class choose one book they read over the summer and write a book report about it. They wrote them up on cut-out drawings of frogs on lilypads. Two (TWO!!!) students did their reports on INTO THE WILD. How awesome is that? I'm now suddenly much more fond of frogs than I ever was.

Not that I ever really disliked frogs. I'm wary of toads, though, due to the fact that I once stepped on one. Completely accidental, but I've always had this vague fear that someday his kindred will seek their revenge...

Anyway, Tuesday didn't end with the end of school. That evening, Nancy Kellner and I stopped by Innovations, the hair salon in the center of Northboro that was the model for Rapunzel's Hair Salon. Two of the same people work there, and they haven't aged a bit, which makes me suspicious that they really are fairy-tale characters in hiding...

Nancy and I then met Leigh King, the super-nice libraria
n from Lincoln Street School, for dinner at a restaurant near the Agway rooster. Agway is closed now and no one knows how long the rooster will be left to roost here so we took pictures:

Leigh, Me, and the Rooster

Nancy, Me, and the Rooster

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At 5:23 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Sending awesome vibes back at ya. Thanks for the great post. We are still abuzz about your visit!!!



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